Mission Statement

Red Mountain Arsenal LLC is committed to providing customers with ammunition manufactured to precise specifications as defined by the customer’s needs. Our commitment to precision is reflected in the product meeting or exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Company Description

Red Mountain Arsenal LLC (RMA) is the State of New Mexico's only manufacturer of military-grade small-caliber ammunition for military and law enforcement agencies in both the domestic and international markets. Red Mountain Arsenal is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business. RMA produces numerous variations of each small caliber of ammunition that is designed to customer specifications, allowing the customer more choice, and options, to meet their requirements. Access to nearby outdoor shooting facilities allows RMA customers to test their designs to ensure it meets their specific needs and if corrections are needed prior to actual production.

Meeting Our Customer’S Needs

Military Ammunition

We provide military grade Ammunition for use in extreme environments, with the precision and reliability surpassing most military specifications.

Law Enforcement Ammunition

We provide our Domestic and Foreign Governments Police Forces with Ammunition that they can rely on and made to their exact specifications.

Fully Customized Ammo

Projectiles may be Full Metal Jacket, Frangible, Hollow Point, Open Tip Match, or Armor Piercing as well as cartridge waterproofing.

Red Mountain Arsenal LLC

P.O. Box 5847
Roswell, NM 88203

Red Mountain Arsenal's key success factor involves providing customers with ammunition configurations that they request, which meet or exceed their needs. We manufacture a broad scope of ammunition that is loaded to customer specifications, allowing the customer more choice, and options, to meet their requirements. This is a key discriminating factor to our success.

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