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Mission Statement

Red Mountain Arsenal LLC is committed to providing customers with ammunition manufactured to precise specifications as defined by the customer’s needs. Our commitment to precision is reflected in the product meeting or exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Company Description

Red Mountain Arsenal LLC (RMA) is the State of New Mexico's only manufacturer of military-grade small-caliber ammunition for military and law enforcement agencies in both the domestic and international markets. Red Mountain Arsenal is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business. RMA produces numerous variations of each small caliber of ammunition that is designed to customer specifications, allowing the customer more choice, and options, to meet their requirements. Access to nearby outdoor shooting facilities allows RMA customers to test their designs to ensure it meets their specific needs and if corrections are needed prior to actual production.

Peter (Pete) Paul Charnisky

President and Member Manager

Responsible for the daily overall operation of RMA; Works with the Vice President concerning international and domestic sales; Works with RMA supervisory team to ensure production scheduling and material management is properly performed. Responsible for the companies finances in conjunction with the finance staff.

6.5 years Nammo Tactical Ammunition Co LLC: Production Manager responsible for scheduling production; managing employees in all aspects of business disciplines; establish and manage quality control requirements; business development and contract management with foreign governments, military, US military, and commercial sales; purchasing of materials for production and production support; 49 CFR certified for shipping hazardous materials.

9 years Nammo Talley Inc.: Quality Engineer responsible for quality systems used in the manufacture of shoulder fired weapons systems, aircraft ejection seat components and small caliber rifle ammunition for sniper application.

3 years Orbital Sciences Corp (now Orbital/ATK): Quality Assurance inspection and engineer responsible for quality systems used in the assembly of sub-orbital and orbital rocket systems.

20 years military experience in the US Navy: Rotary wing aviation, SH-2F, SH-60B/F and HH-60H helicopters.

Skills learned: Quality Assurance; maintaining and repair of electronic, mechanical systems and weapon systems; management of up to 100 personnel; production/maintenance management and leadership skills. Responsible for ensuring aircraft were safe for flight and all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance was complete.

AlfreD (Fred) Alvarado Jr.

Vice President and Member Manager

Responsible for sales and marketing; Also responsible for compliance with US laws concerning international trade; assists with the daily operation of RMA. Current member of US State Department Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG).

1.5 years at AeroVironment (AV) as the Director of Trade Compliance with direct oversight and leadership to the AV Trade Compliance function and organization. Responsible for staffing and maintaining a fully effective export/import compliance program to ensure company compliance relating to all US regulatory and internal policy requirements. Act as Empowered Official and serve as single company focal point to all US government agencies involved in export/import regulatory issues. Current member of US State Department Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG).

4.5 years with Nammo Incorporated as the Director of Corporate Compliance specializing in trade compliance, ethics, FCPA and other regulatory compliance issues. Extensive experience working with US government agencies to support both US and foreign activities. Member of US State Department Defense Trade Advisory Group.

23 years with Lockheed Martin Corporation in international and domestic business development, international trade compliance and logistics support.

10.5 years of military experience in the US Air Force as an aircraft and munitions maintenance officer. Managed five departments; training, administration and technical supervision for over 600 US Air Force personnel. Directed aircraft maintenance production for 54 F-16 and 24 F-15 jet fighter aircraft, to include: light daily maintenance; jet engine repair and overhaul; electronic systems; environmental control systems; munitions systems; fuel systems and comprehensive aircraft depot level maintenance. Developed and managed operations budgets of over $7 million and assets of over $3.2 billion.

Manufacturing Plant

We are located in Roswell, New Mexico. Our building has been renovated to meet US building code and international fire safety code requirements. We are registered with US Department of State as Manufacturer /Exporter. We have access to two automatic loading lines with the capability of increasing 5.56x45mm loading by 20,000,000 rounds per year using two shifts.

We received our certificate of occupancy late April 2019. We began manufacturing in May of 2019. 

  • Building is 8,700+ sq/ft of space
  • Located on 2+ acres
  • Zoned Heavy Industrial
  • Approximately 3,000 sq/ft for inert material storage
  • Contains sufficient space to set up 6 production lines and store raw materials along with completed articles
  • Currently 4 production lines are installed
  • Capable of waterproofing cartridges

We are licensed by US BATF&E for: 

  • FFL-06 – Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms
  • FFL-08 – Importer of Firearms other than Destructive Devices
  • FFL-10 – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices (allows for the loading of AP ammunition)
Red Mountain Arsenal LLC

P.O. Box 5847
Roswell, NM 88203

Red Mountain Arsenal's key success factor involves providing customers with ammunition configurations that they request, which meet or exceed their needs. We manufacture a broad scope of ammunition that is loaded to customer specifications, allowing the customer more choice, and options, to meet their requirements. This is a key discriminating factor to our success.

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